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What is Gut Microbiome Banking?

Similar to egg or stem cell banking, you can cryopreserve your healthy gut microbiome by storing your stool, and have it ready for future restoration of intestinal microbial balance.

Why is there a need to bank now?

A person’s gut microbiome degrades over time and is affected by medication, diseases and ageing. By banking your gut microbiome early, you can cryopreserve the best version of your gut microbiome for future therapeutic use.

The microbiome deteriorates with time.

Diseases can cause your microbiome to deteriorate with time.


Diseases (e.g. gastroenteritis) can alter the composition of your gut microbiome, with long term consequences.1

Medication can cause your microbiome to deteriorate with time.


Medicines such as antibiotics can kill off beneficial bacteria, causing gut imbalance.2

Diet and lifestyle can cause your microbiome to deteriorate with time.

Diet & Lifestyle

Diet composition and lifestyle factors (i.e. smoking, alcohol consumption) can alter your gut microbiome in the long term.3

Ageing can cause your microbiome to deteriorate with time.


Our gut microbiome ages with you - its composition changes as you age and is implicated in elderly frailty.4


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